PC Serial Port Home Automation – An Inexpensive Alternative

Little things can turn your life topsy turvy. Imagine yourself driving to the office and, in the midst of heavy traffic, you remember than you have forgotten to turn on the home alarm system. Imagine another situation where you are supposed to give an important presentation and your have left your presentation material at home. These things can be extremely inconvenient. It could make a mess of your day. Naturally, all of us want our lives to be as problem free as possible.

Home automation systems are appealing because people like the idea of having everything under their control. More and more workaholic people, and even those who own huge houses, are considering the purchase of home automation systems. If you keep forgetting things, a home automation system can be a blessing for you. For example, if you have suddenly remembered that you have neglected to turn on the home alarm, you don’t need to go back home just to turn it on. You can reach your home automation system via the Internet and activate your home alarm. So, a home automation system can make your life very easy to live.

Your home automation system can remind you about important appointments when you wake up in the morning. It can remind you to turn on the home alarm system or remember to take your presentation material to the office. Place a reminder on your home automation system and program it to remind you of particular jobs that need to be done.

Refreshing your memory and enabling you to turn on the home alarm system from a remote location are not the only ways a home automation system can serve you. You can program your system to turn on the lights of your house or any other electronic device at a time specified by you. For instance, you can arrange things so that everything in your house is set to relax you when you come home from a stressful day in the office. Program your climate control device to set itself at a comfortable level, your music system to play your favorite music, the garage and porch lights to turn on, and the coffee maker to prepare a cup of hot coffee for you. Arrange it so that when you reach home, you will find everything as you want it to be.

Though it sounds great, a home automation system is quite expensive. If you want to automate your entire house, you should spend thousands of dollars. People who just can’t afford a sophisticated automation system are now turning to alternatives. A sophisticated automation system sounds tempting, but it could make you thousands of dollars poorer. This simple method, however, can give the same results. So, why spend thousands of dollars when you can achieve the same with a PC that you already own?

If you are interested in an alternative, you could purchase a simple device that connects your electronic devices to your personal computer. In addition, you also need to install a software into your computer, which enables the system to communicate with the connecting device.

As a practical person who cannot afford the automation systems in the market, you could try this method with success. All you need is your home computer, an automation software, and a connecting device. An automation system with a control panel controls only a few devices while a PC, as you know, is designed to manage a number of software.

If you want an inexpensive way to install a home automation system, get a device that is designed to be connected to your PC. This can be just as effective as a sophisticated home automation system; at the same time, you can get it at half the price. So, save plenty of money by purchasing a computer-based home automation system. A variety of devices are now available to convert your PC into a home automation system.

Home Automation Inc (HAI) – The Best Choice For Home Automation Systems

Home automation is gaining great popularity and is being widely accepted throughout the world. It is deemed as the ultimate luxury as all the daily chores are done at the flick of a single button. Persons leading a hectic lifestyle find it tiring to switch on or switch off electronic items or the lights. With home automation systems, all these seemingly mundane chores can be accomplished with the flick of a switch. The technology is relatively new and presently affordable to the rich. Ordinary families will find it expensive to buy these gadgets although they are very convenient.

Home Automation Inc (HAI) is a company that deals with home automation systems. If you are interested in automating your home using this technology, you may visit the website of the company to check out the various options available. HAI has a full range of home automation products that deal with security, lighting, temperature and audio control. It is easier to access the home automation products if you have a telephone and Internet connectivity in your home.

HAI can provide home automation products for newly constructed or existing houses. They have two main types of home automation systems, as detailed below:

1. Omni Family Home Control System:
This system has inbuilt UL-listed security and includes temperature, lighting, fire systems and audio control. The system is offered with telephone connectivity or the Internet. You can select between the three choices of Omni LT, Omni Pro II and Omni Ile. Each of them has their own specifications, features, size and price range.

This system has various features like centralized control of the security, temperature and lights. It has built-in phone access, serial ports, Ethernet port and modem. The security features include UL-listed burglary and fire alarms, fully expandable security zones, supervised zones, smoke detectors, digital communicators, even log, wireless security and true partitioning.

The automation features include:
– Advanced lighting control,
– Programs on a console, personal computer or touch screen.
– Scheduling of the security, lighting and temperature based on sunrise, sunset or the day, date and time.
– Control of system events like motion detection, door entry and mode change.
– Remote control use for thermostats, lighting and security.
– Advanced control programming (ACP).

2. The Lumina Family home control system:
This system can be used in any existing or new homes. It can be combined with the existing security system. You can select between two options of Lumina and Lumina Pro.

The Lumina system offers a high quality of lighting control that is wireless and very expensive. The inbuilt clock calculates sunrise and sunset time and also the daylight saving time, automatically.

This system utilizes UPB, the most sophisticated standard in digital communications. It is easy to operate as everything is programmed to be turned on at the switch of a button.

HAI is known for their lighting devices, known as the HAI Lighting control. These devices work independently. The system will enable you to change the settings of the lights with a phone call or through Internet access. With the help of the HAI lighting control device, one can create a dramatic lighting effect for the house to suit the occasion. The music system can be programmed to play different music in different rooms.

Home automation systems from HAI are designed for the safety and protection of the family. A smart and futuristic home designed for comfort and convenience becomes a reality with HAI home automation systems. All you need to do is check out their website to gather the information you need, and make your selection of the home automation system suitable for your home.

One Touch Home Automation Solutions – Organize Life Better With 1 Touch Solutions

Many people, who lead hectic lifestyles, would love to control and manage every tiny detail of their lives. They want everything to work like clockwork; a slight disturbance will depress or frustrate them so much that it ruins their entire day. People would like everything to take place without a hitch from the moment of waking to the moment of going to sleep.

Many people are now looking for solutions that will help them live an organized life. They want to organize their lives better and, at the same time, enhance the comfort level of their lives. For many, a home automation system is the best solution. Simply by touching a switch, you can control all the electronic devices in your house, including your lighting and irrigation system, and your window curtains and blinds.

A home automation system might sound like a device out of a Hollywood movie. However, it has been around in the market for a long time now. You can choose to purchase a system from any of the large number of home automation manufacturers. Each company claims that its products are the best. Customers are usually confused when they decide to purchase a home automation system because of the sheer variety of automation products. They have to first determine the best solution for their homes.

The One Touch Home Automation Solutions is a popular brand in the home automation industry. It is held to be among the leading companies of home automation solutions. It offers the best home automation solutions in the market. Moreover, the company has qualified professionals who will install their devices in your home.

Many people have already automated their homes with automation devices from One Touch Solutions. Families that have already installed it in their houses are quite satisfied with the products, and have suggested that their relatives and friends purchase it too. One Touch Solutions products have a high rating from users. So, as you see, One Touch Solutions guarantees customer satisfaction.

One Touch Solutions has a lot of experience in the area of electrical and cabling systems. It was established at a time when the home automation technology was in its infancy. The company has ample experience and has done immense research on home automation technology. Its products and solutions, therefore, can give you the maximum benefits.

You can select one of One Touch Solutions’ automation system package. The company representatives will visit your house and make a study to determine the best automation solution for your home. They will design the best system for you on the basis your day to day life.

The biggest advantage of dealing with One Touch Solutions is that its qualified professionals are always ready to help you. They will customise everything according to your taste and conveniences. Your switches and control panels will be placed exactly where you want them to be. They will install the system in such a manner that the wirings and cable systems will be carefully concealed. The installation will look neat. One Touch Solutions is, therefore, the best company to purchase from.

If you have decided to automate your home, approach One Touch Solutions. The company will change your life for the better.

With an automation system from One Touch Solution, you can achieve full control of all the devices in your house. Simply place your finger on the universal remote control or your control panel, and every device in your house will instantly obey you.